Access to a variety of tools to help you start fast and succeed faster

Prospecting and Marketing Support

Prospecting and marketing support to see more people.

Marketing and Prospecting CRM

Our system is a central hub for all clients, leads and prospects. The automated marketing programs keep you connected to your contacts without any administrative work by you.

High Quality Leads - No Risk.

Multiple qualified lead sources help you connect with more clients in less time. You have access to a proprietary multiple-touch, no risk, lead program. You only pay for what you get.

Increase client meetings

Campaigns are automated and serve up every policy anniversary and client birthday. These are opportunities to reconnect and discuss your clients needs.

Email Marketing - 3 clicks or less.

Our system is a central hub for all clients, leads and prospects. The automated marketing programs keep you connected to your contacts without any administrative work by you.


Resources to help save you time and money.

Build your competency

If required, we will provide reduced-rate pre-licensing coursework that readies you to demonstrate competency in your state's licensing exam.

Meet all requirements

These self-paced online courses and resources will help prepare you to meet all state regulatory conditions, as well as help you become a product expert in all lines of business.

Benefit from lower prices

American Senior Benefits can provide valuable discounts on E&O liability protection and continuing education courses, there is an ongoing investment in your success.

Increase efficiency

You have 24/7 access to CSG Actuarial and LTCI quoting tools. iPipeline technology and its SaaS solutions, WinFlex single-system software, ECS licensing & contracting support.


Training supported by a team approach.

Focus on relationships

With a relationship-driven approach, supported by years of success, you will have access to training programs that help provide an understanding of your client's needs and solutions.

Build your skills

With immediate access to tools such as online courses, continuing education, and best practice examples, you can build your skills, grow your business and increase earnings.

Leverage the team

Within our culture of sharing, you will receive local training from onsite management, access to the national training team, and the ability to join in nationwide best practice forums.

Quickly solve challenges

With the ASB approach you consult with your client about all their retirement needs and have the support and products you need to provide the right solutions every time.

Products / Carriers

Products from Carriers with powerful brand recognition.

Leverage household name

We recognize our clients seek the solutions they need from the carriers they know, so you'll partner only with top-rated insurance and financial planning companies.

Team with industry leaders

Our partner companies provide direct support to help identify the right solution for your clients. Just to name a few: UHC, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Americo, North American.

Specialize in seniors needs

You will have the products you need in the counties you need for Medicare along with the best options for long-term care, life insurance, annuity solutions, and specialty products.

Deliver security for life

As you engage clients in key life decisions, you will feel confident your product portfolio will help them find the right health and wealth solutions at affordable prices.

Compensation / Rewards / Recognitions

Rewards are structured to motivate and compensate.

Build your future

We believe that “ownership” of accounts is vital. Our role is to help you to build your own business. To that end, we have one of the best and shortest vesting schedules in the business.

Grow your wealth

Build the future you've been working toward! With ASB you can count on highly competitive compensation - up to six figures - to give your family the life you're looking for.

Look to advance

We reward performance and leadership with opportunity, whether in various levels of management, by leading your own team or by opening your own office.

Enjoy travel incentives

Your achievements will always be appreciated, recognized and rewarded, as you may qualify for our annual convention and conventions sponsored by our many carriers.

Business Tracking 24/7

Business tracking that drives success.

Daily production updates

Have your submitted, issued and convention numbers at your fingertips 24/7. No need to try to find out what is in pending, we provide an updated pending report nightly.

Carrier management

No need to keep separate worksheets on our 220+ carriers. Our dashboard will keep your information organized and display all carrier agent numbers and contact information.

Leverage key data

With information, systems, apps and people all on one integrated platform, you can work faster and smarter — and easily turn data into action.

Gain access on demand

With 24/7 access to nightly updates, you can view product dashboards, business reports and commission statements on demand. Work when you need to without having to wait.