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When you join American Senior Benefits, you are your own person building your own business, but we have a team approach to success. Our local office setup means you are never alone. When you have questions, we have answers. When you need help, we lend a hand.


At American Senior Benefits we work hard to support our affiliated agents and managers every day. With us, you'll benefit from top-level, easy-to-use, turnkey marketing and prospecting systems and that's only the beginning… see all that we offer YOU….

Our Hybrid Business Model

Why a hybrid? Career insurance companies market only the products they manufacture. Independent insurance companies don't provide comprehensive infrastructure support. Our hybrid business model empowers them with the best of both worlds. Read More …

Why ASB is the right choice


Learn first hand from our team of agents and managers why they love working with American Senior Benefits.

Leading a team of people that want an opportunity to be successful in the insurance business is really rewarding … To be able to do this under the structure, support, and framework of American Senior Benefits, simply makes my job easier.
- Ryan S. Nebraska
The marketing support that is available for agents is second to none … They are seeing new clients through a variety of lead support from the office, from mail leads, telemarketing leads, info free leads and referrals.
- Laurie E. California
The hybrid model of ASB contains the best of the captive and independent worlds … It provides contracts from 220+ top rated insurance companies and all the resources necessary to optimize performance in one place (quoting, commissions, reporting). ASB continues to add value, not settling for the status quo.
- Carlton M. Texas